Free Knitting Pattern

The Sexy Knitter is giving away a free pattern through Ravelry.  You just need to queue or fav at least 5 patterns from her list and send her a private message to let her know which ones you choose.  She will then send you a random pattern from your list.  Everyone is a winner, but hurry on over, the give away only lasts through March 16th.

I already got my free pattern and plan to knit it over our Spring Break.


Please Forgive My Lack Of Posting

While I haven’t been blogged the last two months, I have been keeping busy.  Here are a few of my completed projects.

From The Loom:

Scarf #1

Cotton and Chenille Scarf

Red/Black Tencel

Cotton Side 1

Cotton Side 2


Chenille/Handspun Wool #1

Chenille/Handspun Wool #2

Mix of Cotton, Chenille, and Tencel


8 Scarves

From The Knitting Needles:

Alpaca Haruni Shawlette

I hope to be more active blogging again very soon.

Something Strange Happened

Yesterday while ladling my sauce into a jar, I heard a cracking sound.  I looked at the jar and saw no visible sign of stress, so I went on my merry way.  As I finished the jar and lifted it to put in the canner rack, the bottom literally fell out.  I lifted the jar and the bottom as well as a quart of sauce was all over the counter, the cabinet, and the floor.  A near perfect circle of a crack on the jar bottom.  WOW.  After a quick clean up, we inspected the jar and were amazed at how clean the break was (sorry no picture…there was still a shock factor since I’d never had that happen before).  So, all in all, I ended up with just 10 quarts of sauce to show off today.  One went straight into the frig for dinner this week.

I did get a chance to sit at my knitting machine yesterday as well.  I was able to knit up this hat using some handspun yarn I had in my stash.

I love the little flower that hangs down the back.