Graduation Cake Pops

Celebrating all the graduates for 2012.  Congratulations to you.


Please Forgive My Lack Of Posting

While I haven’t been blogged the last two months, I have been keeping busy.  Here are a few of my completed projects.

From The Loom:

Scarf #1

Cotton and Chenille Scarf

Red/Black Tencel

Cotton Side 1

Cotton Side 2


Chenille/Handspun Wool #1

Chenille/Handspun Wool #2

Mix of Cotton, Chenille, and Tencel


8 Scarves

From The Knitting Needles:

Alpaca Haruni Shawlette

I hope to be more active blogging again very soon.

I Love Soaps

I love soaps. No, not the soaps on TV, but soaps you make.  I made this blend yesterday using all natural oils and an scent that reminds me of sweet tarts.

I was a little concerned because I used a fuchsia colorant and it looked brown.  While I liked how it looked, it didn’t have the pop to match the scent that I was going for.

But after it sat for awhile I started to see the coloring come up to what I imagined in my mind.  This morning, after cutting the slab into bars, this is what I had.


Yes, I am a happy soap lover this today.

For Sale 1/20/12

Baby Bunny Slippers are now available.  $12.00 a pair (shipping fees are additional)

These adorable sippers are available in two sizes:

0 to 6 months or 6 months to 12 months

available in wool or cotton

You choose ribbon color (or no ribbon)

Each pair is handmade to order.

Please email us for more information or with any questions.