The Babies Meet The Big Girls

The past couple of days have been cold, windy, and cloudy.  Consequently, I have been a bit unwilling to let the baby chicks out in the yard.  Wednesday was cloudless and warm and a great day to make backyard introductions.

The babies are growing up

The babies are growing up

At first we kept them in the smaller black pen inside the larger pen area so the big girls could get used to them.  Basically they just ignored each other.  We took the babies out and they all ran to the corner of the pen together.  The two sets of chickens kept their distance from each other.

Staying away from each other.

Staying away from each other.

Finally, Red approached them.  Gave one a quick peck and walked away.

Red, our matriarch giving her peck.

Red, our matriarch, giving her peck.

Then Esther joined in.

Esther giving her peck of approval.

Esther giving her peck of approval.

Soon, all seemed to be getting along well together.  Occasionally one of the older girls would give a quick peck and walk away, but for the most part things went well.

Getting along well together.

Getting along well together.

After spending some time wandering around the pen, the babies found their way into the coop for a break.

That-One takes a break in the coop.

That-One takes a break in the coop.

The next few days are going to be quite warm so there will be lots of outside time for the babies.  They are growing so quickly.  I am more then ready for them to be outside.


Introducing The Chickens

We’ve had our girls for just over three weeks now.  They were small when we brought them home and fit in a plastic tote:


They quickly outgrew the tote and by the second week they took over the shower stall:


It was such a wonderfully warm day yesterday that we decided to take the girls outside to see how they would do.


After just a few minutes of looking around and investigating, they soon felt right at home and began pecking and scratching their food. When we brought the dogs over to meet them, there were a few tense moments but after awhile everyone seemed to get along.



Our girls have been handled a lot by the kids and seem to love the attention and constantly perk up and have no problem hopping into a hand or climbing up an arm.


We also built their run.  It took most of the day for me and two of the kids to construct the frame and get it to work the way we wanted it to work.


But by the end of the day, it was all put together, anchored down and ready for chicks.


Except the chicks jump right through the fencing for now.  But that’s ok, because when we were done, the chicks came back inside to their shower stall for a warm, cozy, and safe night.  They are still too young to stay outside all the time anyway, so for now on warm days, we will let them go outside and explore their new world.

My View This Morning

After the kids got off to school, I sat in the stillness of the morning to spin.  It was dark outside and there was one a table lamp on in the house.  Here’s a look at what I see across the room:


When I switched the camera over to low level light this is the picture that came out:

Yes that is a fake fire going on in the “fireplace” heater.  It’s cold this morning!  Even with this on your lap:

I was reading while spinning (you can barely see my iPad there) and Bear-Kat decided he was either cold to or he wanted to read and jumped in my lap.  He didn’t want to move and was quite unhappy when I decided to get up.  He is currently under a blanket trying to stay warm.