New Girls In Town

So the other day, a friend asked if we’d be interested in some grown up chickens.  Her friend could no longer keep hers so she thought of us.  We decided to take four of them and brought them home yesterday.  They transitioned quite well into their new home and were soon exploring.


Loomy in the back and Esther in the front

Red on the right and yet to be named on the left.

Red on the right and yet to be named on the left.

So far we’ve (or should I say I) have named three of these girls.  Red was already Red from her former home and that just seemed to fit.  Esther just sort of stuck in my mind and Loomy got her name because I love her wing  pattern and it inspired me to try to recreate that at my weaving loom.

Loomy's wing pattern

Loomy’s wing pattern

They dogs did well with their introduction to the new girls.  Merri was interested but soon lost interest with them and went along her merry way (yes pun intended).  Caleb seriously pines and whines away at their pen and doesn’t want to come inside even when it’s raining.

Merri watching her new friends.

Merri watching her new friends.

A few hours later, I went to check on the girls to see how they were doing.  Loomy was in her box pecking and circling.  She’d sit for a minute then get back up.  As I watched, she puffed up really big made some cooing type sounds and then settled down.  She then started taking the pine shavings from the other nesting box and dropping it on herself and around her.  She let me watch all this without making a fuss at me.  I had a feeling there was a surprise inside the box.  Sure enough, we had our first egg.  Let me tell you, for this city girl, watching a chicken lay an egg was a very cool experience.

Our first egg

Our first egg

We then left for a bit for another commitment.  When we returned, it was dark, so the Mr. and I went outside to check on the girls.  With flashlights in hand, we checked their coop and found them huddled together cooing and sleeping.  In the nesting box, I found another present.  Not bad for a first day.

Two pretty eggs

Two pretty eggs

This morning, it’s drizzling and cool outside, but all four girls are out and about walking their run area like they own the place.  If the rain stops and the sun appears, as the forecast says it will, we will bring the baby girls outside and start letting them get to know each other.


4 responses

  1. We raised Loomy and Red from day old chicks last year until they were about 13-14 weeks old. Let’s just say they were well-loved by children. 🙂 Red is one of the Salmon Faverolles we special ordered from Cackle Hatchery. Glad to see you are getting eggs already…sometimes it takes a bit for them to settle into a new place and start laying so they must be feeling right at home!

  2. I’m sorry, read that wrong previously. Red is not who we raised. The chicken on the left is, the Salmon Faverolle. I like Jill’s name suggestion!

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