Soup Challenge — #5

Ok, some of you might think my soup of the week challenge fell by the wayside and it sort of did in December and most of  January.  We still ate soups, but I just didn’t get to write about them.  It’s time to start again posting about them again.  So here goes….

Last night I made home made tomato soup and toasted cheese tortillas (home made as well). I know I made tomato soup as our first week’s challenge, but this week I changed it up a bit to make it easier and quicker. We had planned to go to church in the evening and my hubby and I ran around most of the day on errands and things, so quick and easy, not to mention healthy and cheap, were the buzz words for dinner.

I can’t really share a recipe per say but I can tell you what I did and maybe you can adapt it yourself.

What I used:

2 quarts of home canned spaghetti sauce–chunky version

1 cup milk

salt to taste

Last week I made a batch of spaghetti sauce that was slightly on the thin side so I could try to use it for soup as well.  I poured 2 quarts into a big pot and added a cup of milk and  warmed it up until it was steaming.  While that was heating up, I made the tortillas and melted cheese on top.

Not telling anyone how I made the soup, it was served up.  One right off the bat was excited that it had chunks of tomato in it rather then being a creamy soup.  Others said it was very good.  One thought it was a little too much like marinara sauce, but a quick shot of salt cured that.  All the soup was consumed, all the tortillas eaten.  A very quick, healthy meal on a cold and rainy night.


Overall Review:

  • extra quick since all I had to do was open the jars, add milk, and heat
  • healthy…ingredients were tomatoes, water, milk, and spices
  • affordable
  • 6 thumbs up



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