Seasons of Change

I know I haven’t been around much lately.  As many of you are aware, not only did we change seasons of the year, our family changed seasons in our life.  Lots of changes in a short period of time.  I would like to think that in the past I was much more  adaptable to change.  But this move, for some reason, has me spinning.  Not a laid back sitting at my spinning wheel with some scrumptious fiber kind of spinning.  More like spinning in a tizzy.  An emotional whirlwind.


With moves in the past, boxes would already be unpacked, things organized, and put away.  We are a week in our new home and there are still boxes in some rooms and things still not put away.  Granted, this time around we moved over a huge holiday season and there was no rush for the Mr. to report to work like yesterday.  But still, this lack of umph has me far more concerned then the boxes that still need to be unpacked.


There have been a lot of emotional changes, family changes, not to mention work changes that have thrown me off my game.  But I hope to be back playing again real soon.  I don’t want to whine, but I do covet your prayers from G-d above to help make this transition go smoother.


If I don’t make it back here before the weekend, I wish you a very Happy New Year.


3 responses

  1. It’s easy to feel that lack of umph with a huge transition like you just did! The move was physically and emotionally strenuous, this is a “final” destination for you, and you have always been emotionally ready for another move, and now you are permanently settling. it’s a new, more definite chapter in your life! soon you will settle and make your routine, you will have your “nest” ready!

    much love and prayers your way!!!

  2. Prayers will be lifted for you, Kimberly! You know, I’m just kinda excited to think you are in (sort of) the same part of the country as me – in my own backyard (well, at least in the midwest, LOL!)

    Big hugs and prayers to you, my friend!

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