Are You Ready For Fall Ya’ll?

After surgery early in the spring, an arm that was strapped to my body for a few weeks, and now weeks upon weeks of physical therapy, it’s been a tough summer to get much done.  We never got our garden going, so through the kindness of friends and an a wonderful farmers market, I have been able to get some canning done.

I lost count somewhere along the way but I did in excess of 20 pints of jelly,  25 quarts of pickles, 8 pints of relish, 36 quarts of spaghetti sauce, 8 quarts of diced tomatoes, 10 quarts of green beans, and 2 quarts of carrots.  Then it happened….I ran out of time.  The rainy season is starting so that brings and end to my canning.  You see, I need to pressure can outside.  We have a glass topped stove and you can’t pressure can on one of those or you could crack the stove top (never knew that until I wanted to can this year).  So, the most wonderful Mr. bought an outdoor propane stove.  It will do dual duty.  I am able to can on it, and we can use it to cook either at home if the power goes out, or while camping.

As I had my last (although I didn’t realize it at the time) canner full of veggies going, the rain came.  Thankfully I had a patio umbrella to help keep the rain off the pot:

But with cooler temps and dreary weather, canning the beans and carrots was cancelled.  So, after a quick blanching and run through the Foodsaver, into the freezer they went.  We will use those up first then move to the canned goods.  I really am hoping for a few more good days so I can get some pumpkin canned up and saved.  We love pumpkin pies and breads.

So, is fall starting to arrive your neck of the woods?



6 responses

  1. HI! Do you have a new blog???? I don’t reg. this one! Love all the hibernation you have done…so well prepared! I’ve always been intrigued with canning, but never really seriously looked into it. Love your set ‘fall feeling’ 🙂

  2. Kim, I wonder if a gas grill would work? Will have to look at the instructions and maybe give it a try. Would be great if we could use it.

    Carol in WI

  3. Carol, using a as grill is not USDA approved or recommended. With a grill you don’t have a direct burner for your pressure canner and therefore your heat isn’t constant or steady. This can lead to under or incorrectly processed foods. That is not safe.

  4. Fall cannot get here (Georgia) soon enough for me! However, we will still be in shorts and t-shirts into October at least. We have Christmas pictures outside in short sleeve shirts.

  5. It’s good to hear you’re doing well after the physical ordeal. Thanks for the info about not being able to can on a glass top stove. New to me. BTW fall is my favorite season and I’m so glad it’s here. My best to you

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