Who I Am…The New Me

For the last 15  years I have been defined by very specific titles.  First, I was an Army wife then later, a home schooling mom.  Everything I did was centered around those roles.  I ironed uniforms, I attended Army functions, I went to and led Army affiliated bible studies.  I stood by my husband as he left for schools, temporary assignments, and deployments.  I home schooled our children in three different states, countless addresses, more then our share of interruptions, emergencies, melt downs, and amazingly joyous moments.  Trips to the vet became incredible learning experiences.  A doctor appointment was easier to schedule because we could make it anytime during the day.  A simple trip to the grocery store became a day of discovery as we tried a new fruit and studied it and its origins for a week.  So many opportunities to learn and share.

Today has been a very bittersweet day for me.  Today all of my children left the house while it was still dark to wait for a bus that would take them to their new schools.  Today was my very first “first day of school” for all of my children outside of my teaching them.  Today I prayed over my children, touching each one of them and praying very specifically for them, and then hugging them as they left.  Today, my role changed.   I am no longer a home schooling mom.  As of today, I am just mom.

Even my role as Army wife is changing.  My dearest is preparing to leave the Army and retire from military service.  As he transitions into civilian life, so too must I transition as well. Will I be a farmer’s wife?  A teacher’s wife?  Will I simply be “his” wife? Will this be a time for me to spread my wings and redefine myself, or continue on my course?

So many questions.  So many options. I hope you will join me on this journey to find out who I am.  My question for those who wish to answer is simply….what role defines who you are?


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  1. Great Article. My wife has been homeschooling our three for the past 6 years with a little help from me. Our oldest just finished high school this summer. I know it will feel different in years to come when there won’t be anymore kids to teach.

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