EcoZoom Stove

After reading a post over at Survival Mom,  “Mr. Kimbersglen” decided to order an EcoZoom Versa Stove.  I gotta say…while it was cute, I had my doubts that it would effectively help me cook a meal for our family of 7.  Boy was I wrong!

“Mr. Kimbersglen” fired up the EcoZoom and tried boiling a pot of water to test how long that would take.  Since he didn’t use the pot skirt, the flames licked up the sides of the pot and took longer for the water to heat up.  Due to the construction of the stove, he and I both decided that a wok would be perfect for this little stove and agreed that a stir fry dinner was in order.

More wood was added to the stove.

A bit of oil was added to the wok to coat it and onto the flame it went:

After the wok was heated, the meat was added.  It hit the pan with a very gratifying sizzle and the immediate smell of cooking beef.

Lots of fresh vegetables were added when the meat was browned.

The lid put on and allowed to steam for about 20 minutes (with an occassional stir).

Dinner was ready in a short amount of time.  I couldn’t believe how quickly and efficiently it all cooked up.

Who says, while camping  or (just cooking on your back deck) you can’t eat in style?

I give our EcoZoom two thumbs up and look forward to using it again soon.


2 responses

  1. I’m thrilled you’re happy with it! These stoves are so fuel efficient that it actually makes me feel more secure about having one as my back-up.. We won’t need to have cords of wood in order to cook.

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