I Do….Because I Can.

Someone once asked me why I make socks when it’s so much easier to go to the store and buy a pair.  I replied, “Because I can.”   This week I have been making cotton socks for the family.  Each member got their own completed pair of socks today.  Almost everyone picked out their own color combo too.  A few pairs, I just winged it with what colors I thought they would like.

It’s kind of funny, really, because I recently read a blog post over at Granny Miller’s Blog and was excited because I finally felt like there was something I was doing right.  So, therefore, I do….because I can.


The weather is finally getting to me.  Having lived in the “desert” for the last 5 years I had grown accustomed to heat, sun, wind, and dry air.  Now living in a climate of near constant rain, seeing the sun peak out for a few moments is a treat.  Yesterday I started washing fleeces to spin up.

After washing, I am used to being able to set them outside for a few hours, and the fiber is all fluffy and dry and ready to go.  Not so here.  After a day and a half it is still quite damp, and I have a fan blowing on them to help speed up the process.  And, as I sit looking outside right this moment….sigh…it’s raining again.  I think I shall go find a project that will keep me busy.


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