Grape Jelly and Hand Made Socks

Do you know that you can make jelly from store bought juice?  So, when I found a sale on grape juice I decided to try this theory.  It worked.  Three cups of grape juice along with some sugar, and we had grape jelly.  Kids are thrilled.  Mom is thrilled, because the cost of jelly is rising and there are a lot of mouths to feed here.

I love this pair of socks.  The yarn was spun by me and then the socks were knitted on an old fashioned hand cranked knitting machine.

I love how the colors turned out.  Very comfy too.  These will keep my feet warm as it’s still pretty cold here even though it’s supposed to be spring.


2 responses

  1. Hi, that is really interesting about the jam (I am hoping that jelly means jam), I would never have thought that before.

    Love the socks, I used to spin wool but it has been a long time and I now live where it is hot. Though I have thought about doing it again but have to get my spinning wheel fixed, I love hand spun wool, just for the feel of it if nothing else 😀

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