Dryer Lint, TP Tubes, and Cotton Balls

So, we have found out that dryer lint (and believe me we have a lot of that), empty toilet paper tubes (we have LOTS of those too), and cotton balls make excellent fire starters.  Of course, we took it one step further and coated them in candle wax as well.


First the cotton balls, coat them in a little bit of petroleum jelly:

Why petroleum jelly?  It  helps them burn.  Then they got a quick dip in melted candle wax.

Then we took they dryer lint and TP tubes:


stuffed them and coated them in wax.

The whole idea of coating them in the candle wax is to help make them water proof.  (As a side benefit we learned they burn a bit longer as well).  Since it was raining, the finished projects were thrown out on the back porch to see if indeed they would be water proof.  Success!  When the rain stopped, a few wet pine branches were collected, and the fire experiments began.

The coated cotton balls were cracked open and ignited.  They burned steady.  More pine branches were added and the TP tube, and we had a nice steady fire going for a while.

All in all, a sure-fire success and we will be making more fire starters in the very near future.



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