The Bend In The Tree

How often do we look at the big picture and see utter perfection, but upon closer inspection see faults and imperfections?

While my husband and I stood on the porch, gazing around the woods in our new backyard, I was amazed at G-d’s amazing might and power.  His creation, and his sheer awesomeness.  The trees were strong, tall, proud, and majestic in their bearing.  But, when I looked closer I saw a huge “imperfection” in one tree.  It started out straight and tall, but at some point it changed course and took a turn.  It grew that way for a bit and then corrected course, came back to it’s starting point, and then continued it’s climb upwards.  Amazing.  I couldn’t fathom what would cause the bend in the tree, or how it got back on course.

It only took a few moments of staring for G-d to speak to me through that tree.  You see, we are all born to be something grand.  Something strong and tall.  A beauty to behold in the Creator’s eyes.  But somewhere, during our critical growing years, we get off course and start to drift elsewhere.  By G-d’s grace, we are put back onto the right course and start growing straight and tall again.

I know it would have been easy for G-d to do many different things regarding that tree.  He could have never let it go off course to begin with, or He could have erased all traces of that time of growth.  Instead, it was left there as a reminder.  Perhaps, to remind us that even if we get off course, with G-d’s help, we can get back on course and grow strong and tall.  Perhaps to show us that even in imperfection, there is beauty.  Perhaps to just show us that when looking at the big picture, there are many details we shouldn’t overlook.  Or perhaps, we should just look beyond the imperfections of this life and focus on the One who made it all.  I am not sure of the true message that might be there for you, dear reader, as I think G-d can use the same bend in the tree to send a message to a hundred different people that have a hundred different meanings.  I just ask that you simply be still for a moment and know that HE is G-d.


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